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What I have learned about life.

  • Hate is corrosive to your soul.
  • Everyone is special and unique.
  • We are all grains of sand on the same beach.
  • Foolish people often misinterpret kindness for weakness.
  • Crisis is the impetus for personal refocus to bring about new beginnings.
  • Sometimes you never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
  • Everyone we meet in life teaches us something.
  • There is a personal message in every problem.
  • Condemn behavior, not the person.
  • Death causes a wound that will eventually heal; however, it always remain sensitive to the soul.
  • Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional.
  • What we dwel on (i.e., repeatedly think), we become.
  • You cannot plan your life.
  • Music ministers to the soul.
  • What we consume, we become.