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Why is it...?
  • Assisted suicide is illegal; yet, abortion is legal. 
  • People think celebrities make great politicians?
  • Celebrities believe we care about their politicial views?
  • The world does not compete in the World Series?
  • All NCAA Div. 1 - A teams can compete for the National Championship in every sport except football?
  • Seats on airlines are shrinking while passengers are getting larger?
  • Consumers will stand in line to spend their hard earned money?
  • Americans know so little about our neighbor to the North (i.e., Canada), eh?
  • Automobiles get less gas mileage today than they did 30 years ago.
  • People tend to interpret kindness for weakness.
  • The U.S. Congress passed universal health care; yet, they are exempt from it.
  • Fossil fuels are still, today, the dominant energy source in the world.
  • Seat belts are required in automobiles, but not school buses?
  • People will spend money on things they don't need, to impress people they don't know and/or like.
  • Political office-holders after leaving the position seldom aquire the term "former" (e.g., President, Governor, Senator, etc.) to their title.
  • Americans will vote for a candidate because of their personality, apperance, or hobbies rather than their political views, positions, or beliefs.
  • The U.S. Congress, and the American public for that matter, seem totally unconcerned about the skyrocketing national debt and its repercussions.