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I am very grateful for the mentoring that I have had over the past 30 yrs in this industry.  Through the years, I learned much through “on the job” training; however, the most essential knowledge has come through my mentors. They taught me the necessity of a strong work ethic, the importance of business relationships, and to never stop learning.

My mentors have had a tremendous impact on my life.  It is because of this, I feel obligated to carry on this great tradition with my students.   

In my life, my mentors have been:

Ms. Liz Allen, Director of Banquets – Biloxi Hilton – Biloxi, MS. 

u  Hired – Banquet position, with no experience
u   Learned:  Presentation, Quality, and Professionalism 

Ms. Gert Pina, Hotel Manager – Circus Circus Hotel & Casino – Las Vegas, NV. 

u  Hired – Front Desk position, with no experience
u   Learned:  Drive, Goals, Dreams 

Mr. Joe Kane, Group President – Wyndham Worldwide, Inc. – Parsippany, NJ. 

u  Hired – Marketing position, with no experience
u   Learned:  Dedication, Passion, Prioritizing

Ms. Nancy Poor, Senior Vice President – Wyndham Worldwide, Inc. – Parsippany, NJ. 

u   Hired – Key Note Speaker, with no previous experience
u  Learned:  Composure, Personal Brand, C'est La Vie (i.e., Enjoy Life) Attitude

Dr. Cyndi Gaudet, Dissertation Committee Chair – Univ. of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast – Long Beach, MS.

u  Accepted – Human Capital Development Ph.D. Program
u   Learned:  Perseverance, Ideology, Zeal